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Saturday, September 09, 2006

3 Kegs

This has certainly been a keg-centric day. A keg of my ProAm entry, a new corny keg for my Pils, and a new set of connects for my ancient keg.

Doug Odell let me know that our ProAm entry, a scaled up version of my Whale Tail Pale Ale, is in kegs and on tap. One of the prizes for the Best in Show at the Odell contest was a keg of the finished beer, so I picked it up today. They also have it on tap in their tap room at the brewery. I was able to buy my own beer commercially for the first time today, and it was great. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and I can't wait to see how it does at the GABF.

I also picked up a new refurbished corny keg at Ft. Collins' new homebrew store Hops & Berries. For such a small shop they have a huge selection. Their kegs are tested, reconditioned and include all new gaskets. I also picked up some new quick connects for my old keg, some yeast nutrient, and a single growler lid to replace one I threw out by accident.

Finally, I was also able to finish kegging my Pre-Aged Pils that I had problems with last week. I siphoned it out to my new keg and put it under pressure. It looks dark for a pils, but is clear and smells good. With luck just two more days. I also replaced the quick connects after siphoning to prepare for my next batch.

A full day of beer, finishing with a first taste of my WBF beer, Charles Bronson Common Beer. Seems pretty good, but this is bottled and individually carbonated, so the kegged and force carbed should be even better. Time will tell.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Keg Problems

Looks like my keg problems were worse than I thought. I'm not able to properly pressurize, the gas just back flows out of the top of the gas quick release. I'm hoping it stays clean until I can buy a new keg or replace the seals.

I think I'll drink a little for Labor Day regardless.