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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pils Tasting

After finally working out my keg problems I have been able to carbonate and taste my Pre-Aged Pils. This batch was a test to see how well an ingredient kit stands up to several years in my basement. The answer is: fairly well.

The brew is much darker than any pilsner I've seen, probably due to the use of extracts and the age. There is also almost no hop flavor, smell or bitterness, also probably due to the age of the hops. Even with the addition of some other old hops they might as well not have been there at all. The taste is pretty decent however, and for a free batch it is great.

I did have good luck with the carbonation though. I put the beer under 40 psi of CO2 for 2 days, then bled off the pressure and set the serving pressure to 10 psi. The first two pours were almost all head, but now it appears to be settling down. Maybe I need to wait a little longer between venting and tapping.

On another note, there was a picture today in Modern Brewery Age of Doug Odell and me brewing our GABF Pro-Am entry.

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